1. The Save, Download, Rename and Delete operates using the opened file in the editor, not the file in the file's combo
  2. The system detect automatically the type of java program and open the Console or Applet View
  3. How to publish a program
    1. Press the publish button in the editor or in the user's area
    2. Fill the form
      1. Name: Is the name in the url you want to give to your program, the resulting url have the form: http://www.browxy.com/user/david/bmicalculator, where david is your user alias and bmicalculator is the Name you choose in this field
      2. Program Type: If your program not use classes like scanner for asking the user extra interactive info choose SingleOutput, otherwhise use Interactive or Applet if necessary
      3. Parameters: This are in correspondence with the args array in the method public static void main (String[] args) {}. So parameter1 will be args[0], parameter2 will be args[1] an so on